Tips for packing light

apple-699117_960_720The pros definitely outweigh the cons on this one. It’s cheaper to bring carry-on bags, there’s zero chance of you (or them!) losing your luggage this way, you’ll have everything you could possibly need with you during your flight, you don’t have to tip drivers or bellboys for carrying your bags, and all of these things, well, they simply make your life that bit easier whilst travelling.

Tips for Packing Light

How to Pack Lighter

First and foremost, verify the measurements and size for carry-on luggage with your airline. I can think of nothing worse than having sacrificed a whole load of stuff and then finding out your bag was too big all along and having to check it in. (And pay extra!)

If you’re thinking about buying a new bag, I would suggest that you get one with wheels. It’s a really good feeling when your shoulder is starting to ache a bit and you can just pull your bag along! Also, you can buy “light” bags which were a pretty good invention.

Make a list. Listen, I know to some this can sound like an unnecessary step, but hear me out! You know you have to charge your camera batteries before you go in case there’s something amazing right off the plane. So you plug in your charger and your batteries, and then you remember you’ll probably need your travel adapter too. And did you find your SD card, and spare batteries? Speaking of adapters, don’t forget your phone charger.

Roll clothes rather than folding them. They take up a lot less room, and if you roll them real tight, they’ll wrinkle less.

Wear your bulkiest items on the plane.

For carry-on luggage, all liquids must be in containers of no more than 100ml. To save money, instead of buying those travel-size shampoo bottles in the pharmacy, you can get a packet of 5-10 little tubs and bottles in discount shops. They’re really handy – it means you can take your favourite moisturiser/shampoo/make-up/toothpaste after all! Oh, and put them all in a clear plastic bag. They usually hand them out for free at security so don’t pay for one from a machine!

Check the hotel facilities. You may have a neat, little travel hairdryer, but you could save a good bit of space if you ask the hotel before you go if they have one there. Same goes for shampoos and towels. If you’re going to be anywhere for over a week though, you can just buy toiletries in a local supermarket.

Swap books for e-readers/kindles.

Mix and match: Each piece of clothing should go with at least two others. So, both your tank top and another t-shirt go with, say, jeans and a skirt. Keep everything interchangeable so you don’t need to bring as much.

What if?” No. Stop right there. If this is only for a one-off occasion, or in case something comes up, then do not bring it. If you’re going somewhere really hot where your hair will be tied up and under a hat, you probably don’t need those hair straighteners. Same goes for all that make-up that will just sweat off of your face.

Merino wool clothing. Okay, I’ve never actually tried this but I’ve heard it keeps you cool or warm, depending on which you need.

So now you have it, how to pack light. If you have any more ideas to add to this list, let me know by commenting below!

Bon voyage! 🙂