It’s raining outside, you’re bored at work, it’s no surprise you’re wanderlusting your way through Instagram. Ooh, Florence looks nice.

But wait, Ryanair doesn’t fly there, this won’t be a cheap city break. 🙁 Fear not, Pisa’s got you covered!

Book that cheap flight to Pisa and I’ll tell you how to get the rest of the way.

Once you’re in the Arrivals hall, turn right and head to the ticket office. It costs €16.30 with the Pisa Mover, a direct tram (2 stops) that brings you to Pisa’s central station. Check the screen to see which platform (binario) you should be on and VALIDATE YOUR TICKET.

How to validate your ticket:

Find a green and grey machine, and insert your ticket slightly to the left. Wait a second, you’ll hear it, and remove your stamped ticket. Guys, this is so important! Tourist or not, they will fine you.

Sit on the cool double decker train, get comfy, and breathe a sigh of relief. In an hour you’ll be arriving at Florence (Firenze) Santa Maria Novella.

Voilá! …or whatever the Italian equivalent is.

Stay tuned to see what you should see now you’ve made it to Florence!