What’s better than having your photo taken with a koala at a zoo? Seeing a somewhat less-sedated koala (I was going to say “non” but c’mon, it is a koala after all!) in the wild doing its own thang! That’s what we want, right?!

And I think I might have found the best spot in all of Australia to see this!

That’s a pretty serious statement right there, I know. But today I went to investigate and there were 22 (that I counted!) fat and fluffy koala bears melting my heart, and killing my camera batteries.

Since the moment I came back to Aus I’ve had koalas on my mind. I mean, who wouldn’t?! LOOK AT THIS FACE!

Wild Koala Australia

I searched online, I picked up as many info pamphlets as possible on where to see wild koalas, and quite honestly, I just stared at trees a lot hoping for the best. Which was one falling out and (safely) into my arms.

So c’mon already, where is this magical koala paradise you speak of?!

Gippsland is the place to be. It’s a region in the south-east of Victoria and there’s a small town called Paynesville near Bairnsdale or Lakes Entrance, which are bigger towns more likely to be on the map. Once you’re in Paynesville there’s a FREE (my favourite word after “koala”) ferry to Raymond Island. The ferry is free for foot passengers and bikes and costs $11 AUD if you want to bring your car across, but unless you live there I can’t see why you would.

After 2 minutes on the ferry you get to the island car park and there are already signs for the Koala Trail. It’s only 1.2 km and is supposed to take 20 minutes. It took me 2 hours with my camera and undying enthusiasm and I had a brilliant time. Loved every minute of it and you will too!

Wakey wakey!
Wakey wakey!