Passport stamp from Kulusuk, Greenland

My Iceland to Greenland Day Trip

Three years ago today I went on a day trip to Greenland. That sounds a bit crazy, but I went from Iceland so it’s not really, as it was just an Iceland to Greenland day trip. Still, nothing beats the look on people’s faces when I tell them that I’ve been to the Land of the Inuit!

We flew from Reykjavik’s domestic airport (which I thought was the smallest airport ever… That was, until we landed in Kulusuk!) and the flight only took two hours. It was a brilliant flight. I’m pretty sure that the pilot was the air hostess’s husband and there was a child with them too. Family outing!

The plane dipped and turned as it showed us the magnificent icebergs in the sea on the edge of Greenland. It was amazing. This was my first time seeing icebergs and I’m sure a lot of people can’t imagine them being too exciting but there’s something about them. The whites, the blues, the shapes, the way they glisten. I love it!

Greenland Airplane Window Icebergs

Kulusuk Greenland AirportWe arrived at Kulusuk airport where a guide was waiting for us. We headed for Kulusuk village, down a dirt road for ~3km (1.8 miles). Again, how could you enjoy this? Well, this “road” might not have been up to much, but the views surrounding it were absolutely breathtaking.

Not just raw nature, but raw Arctic nature – this was what I wanted. Mountains, glaciers, ice floating in the sea. It’s so simple really but it makes you realise how inferior we are.

Kulusuk Village:

Suddenly we begin to see colourful houses dotted around the shore, so close to the icebergs! This must be it! As we walk closer I see fish hanging out to dry in the locals’ “gardens”, and a lot more wolf-dogs than I expected to see. They were on doorsteps, on the paths, on the hills. A lot of them were chained up though so they’re nothing to worry about.

Wolf Dog Mountains Greenland Kulusuk

Dog sledding and fishing is what Kulusuk is really about. This village is traditionally Greenlandic. They’re isolated from the world for 8 months of the year and this is how they survive! It’s really quite something if you think about it.

We then visited a quaint little church and a cemetery which was nicely decorated with flowers and fairy lights (I noticed in Iceland they do this during the Winter too, lights on the grave, I think it’s a nice touch). The cemetery was on a hill and there were some cracks running through it but it still managed to look peaceful.

Cemetery in Kulusuk,Greenland

Note: If the tour guide says that you can go and look at the seals in the harbour, don’t be fooled. I got a nasty surprise…

Boat Tour:

This was my favourite part! There were two little fishing boats and we got to go for a ride in them and go as far as to touch the icebergs! So fantastic. Luckily I wasn’t in the one that broke down twice – but my mum was! I felt so bad laughing from the shore!

Boat Tour in Kulusk, Greenland. Iceland to Greenland Day Trip



This part was great too! We all went inside a hut and this Kulusuk local came and sang us Greenlandic folk songs and he played the drums too. His songs were funny, he pulled faces, danced around, smiled and laughed and posed for photos with us. I loved him!

Kulusuk man playing drum in Greenland


It was too quick a trip really, but it was still a fun day out! If you want to see a old-style Greenlandic village, Kulusuk is the place to go! I’m going to go to Greenland again one day, maybe to Nuuk or Ilulissat so that I can compare the way of life between them all. Of course, I’ll keep you updated if that ever happens! 🙂


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