The Öresund Bridge - Copenhagen to Malmo

Okay, so you’ve landed at Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup and you want to get to Malmö without any problems whatsoever. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

It’s very common for both tourists and residents of southern Sweden to fly from Copenhagen. The airport is only 32km from Malmö and the flights seem to be a lot cheaper if you time it right.

This post will also be useful if you’re not using the airport, but want to travel from Copenhagen City to Malmö.

How To Get From Copenhagen to Malmö by Bus, Train or Car.

Please note that whichever method of transport you take, you should have your passport easily accessibly as you are crossing a border on passport checks may be in place.

The Öresund Bridge is the longest (combined) road and rail bridge in the whole of Europe. It’s almost 8km (5 miles) long and was built as a very useful connection between Denmark and Sweden for both commuters and visitors alike.


The Öresund Bridge
The Öresund Bridge


Copenhagen to Malmo by train:

Once you’re in Arrivals, follow the signs to the station. You can either queue up at the ticket office or the ticket machines. I’m going to try and prep you for the ticket machine!

Click on the correct flag for English. This should be in the top, right hand corner.

Look for or type in “MALMÖ C” and then select whether you want a single or return, and how many passengers.

You can pay either with the local currency (remember the currency will change once you enter Sweden) or with your credit card.

This should cost you approximately 89 DANISH KRONE for a single ticket, or 107 SWEDISH KRONA if you’re travelling the other way into Denmark. Booking in advance or online will rarely get you a cheaper fare, and it’s one more thing to lose, to be honest.

Print tickets. Do not lose tickets! 🙂

The journey to Malmö takes between 25 – 25 minutes and offers great views from the famous Öresund Bridge, which connects Denmark and Sweden. If you get the train from Copenhagen City then you will (probably) have to change trains at the airport. It’s not difficult though and there are plenty of people along the way to help you.

When the train arrives (every 20 minutes) it should say GÖTEBORG C on the front of it, but you can ask anybody else boarding if it’s going to Malmö if you’re unsure. If you’re looking for shops than you can get off at the stop before Malmö Central, which is called Triangeln.


Copenhagen to Malmo by bus:

This is usually the cheapest option.

From Copenhagen City you can get the Swebus or Nettbuss on Ingerslevsgade. It takes about an hour to get to Norra Vallgatan which is close enough to Malmö’s Central Station. This bus also departs from Copenhagen Airport.

Gråhund 999 depart from Nørreport St and Kongens Nytorv in Copenhagen City (except on Sundays) and stop at Gustav Adolfs Torg in the middle of Malmö.

All of these buses cost more or less the same amount, ranging between 100 Danish Krone / 125 Swedish Krone, which you can buy from the bus driver.


Copenhagen to Malmo by car:

This is the most expensive option as it costs around €50 one way to take a car across the bridge. If you’re hiring out a car or getting a lift, the car ride takes about 45 minutes down the E20.


Have a great time in wonderful Copenhagen and the amazing city that is Malmö! <3