I’m Maria, a British girl with an international life.

Me telling you that I have a passion for travel would be an understatement – I have a full blown addiction.

I wasn’t really “bitten” by the travel bug as such, it’s in my blood. My grandparents drove their camper van across many borders, and as a kid I was fascinated with the hundreds of souvenir magnets disguising their fridge. My own parents are never at home either… But each time they return, they get to read all of their postcards from me! 🙂

60+ countries, and I still have a way to go, but I’ve covered most of Europe, the United States, Australia, Asia, Greenland and a little of Africa.


So, are you coming with me? I’ll show you the world.


  1. Hello ~ Awesome blog ~ Thank You

  2. Hi Maria!
    You Are doing a great job. Greetings from the Netherlands.

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